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We are specialist WA lawyers in Probate, Letters of Administration and contesting, disputing, defending & challenging invalid wills and family provision (inheritance) claims.

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Robson Legal is a specialist probate and inheritance (family provision) claim law firm based in Osborne Park, WA providing deceased estate services including;

Probate Letters of Administration Inheritance claims
Probate caveats Probate reseals Will validity
Citation to bring in a grant Advice Court representation
Deed of Family Arrangement Negotiation Mediation
Bankrupt estates Missing beneficiaries Will interpretation
Estate administration Executor's duties Executor renunciation
Public Trustee disputes De facto partner disputes Superannuation & life insurance claims

Our expert lawyers have many years of experience. If you need us to assist you in obtaining a Grant of Probate Letters of Administration or with an inheritance dispute, then contact us by phone or email to make an appointment to meet with one of our expert lawyers for a free 30 minute consultation.

Case Study - Will validity dispute

Mrs S died leaving 2 Wills. One Will was made when there were doubts at to her testamentary capacity. The dispute was decided in our client's favour that the later Will was valid. Our client received a greater inheritance as a result.

Case Study - Family provision claim

Mr W died leaving nothing to his stepson in his Will. We acted for the stepson and we were able to negotiate a life changing settlement with the other beneficiaries.

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